Answer: In Chapter 4 of the book of Hosea, the prophet says: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me; because you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children” (v. 6).

It is one thing to reject knowledge. It is another if you don’t even seek knowledge in the first place. Although the Bible is full of knowledge, many don’t even look there for the vast knowledge the Word of God contains.

A few do seek out the knowledge of the Bible, but then reject it when they see they would need to change their lifestyle in order to live by its teachings and reap its many benefits: “If God loved me, He would let me do whatever I want, wouldn’t He?”

Of course not! God made you, and He made the world around you.  He knows—better than you do—the best way you as His creation can find happiness and success in the world He created.

Does it even matter? What difference does it make if people reject the Bible’s teachings?  JUST LOOK AROUND YOU! A hundred years ago, the world wasn’t perfect, but most people in the Western nations at least paid lip-service to many of the Bible’s teachings and values. Today, however, with agnosticism and atheism becoming more and more fashionable, people can no longer point to a Source that confirms the truths of life. Murdering babies? No problem, says our modern society. Male or female? It’s an attitude, not a biological fact, says our modern society. A man marrying another man, or a goat, or maybe a toaster?  “Why not?” says our modern society.

Ask yourself: When God Himself has revealed both weekly and annual “Sabbath” days of worship, what good does it do “modern society” to ignore God’s plain instructions and replace them with crazy festivals that celebrate egg-laying bunny rabbits and flying reindeer?

Many if not all of our modern problems can be traced back to our FAILURE TO APPLY the Bible to modern society. But you can apply the Bible in your personal life, and be spared much of the pain and suffering that afflicts the agnostics and atheists all around us. So, try applying the Bible to your life today—it will make a world of difference!

We understand that this does not represent a comprehensive answer on this topic. Comments? Suggestions? Discuss with a minister?

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